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Booth #24


Hwei Hwei Brown is a macrame' artist producing exquisitely detailed and intricately hand knotted pieces of jewelry (micromacrame').

Her particular macrame' style, the knotting, involves some 250 different knots in use since Neolithic time as concrete manner to communicate with the spiritual side through divination and the conjuring of spirits to enhance, our worldly, temporal state.

Over the millennia, Chinese knotting has evolved into a high art that to requires great skill to produce to the level this art involves the use of and very fine nylon cord and silk thread (no jute, hemp, or wax cotton) and incorporates various gemstones including jade, pearl, garnet, onyx, coral, amber, and other energized stones, and beads (1/16" and up in size) which are woven into the pieces and imbue the jewelry with energy and beauty.

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