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Gero Heine Photography

Booth #31

Gero Heine Photography

Originally from Germany, Gero Heine’s early experiences roaming the Black Forest and exploring the Alps and Dolomites sparked a lifelong passion for wilderness and wildlife. Upon moving to Santa Cruz as a high school student, Gero became an avid surfer, further connecting him to nature through frequent encounters with the abundant marine life of the Monterey Bay.

In the decades since, Gero has photographed all over the world. He is engaged in conservation efforts and has participated in a lion research project. For the past 15 years, his work is exhibited in art shows, festivals, and galleries across the Western US. Gero's work has won numerous awards, including the Wildlife category of Nature’s Best Magazine's prestigious Windland Smith Rice International Awards and a North American Nature Photography Association Top 10 Award.

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