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Helping Hands and Heels

Booth #25

Helping Hands and Heels

Our skin balm moisturizer was first created by grandma Dollie fifteen years ago. She sold it at arts and craft fairs alongside her other amazing homemade products. She did her homework and made sure that the ingredients are 100% natural. High quality shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils, and beeswax are extremely beneficial to the skin. Applying it to your skin is a really pleasant experience and the essential oils are an aromatherapy in their own right.

We know her skin product is as unique as it is a sure-fire remedy. It fixes the cracked skin on our hands and heels due to hard work and living in the dry hot Mojave desert in southern California. After only a few days of applying the balm in the morning and night, those cracks will heal. The skin immediately feels softer and looks healthier. Since this is a common problem in all walks of life, we know you deserve to know the secret too.

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