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Jeff Skelly Fine Art

Booth #32

Jeff Skelly Fine Art

Artist Jeff Skelly has developed his personal style of painting - the fusing of impressionist color with more subtle tonal variations of the old masters to create original landscape and figure paintings in oil.

"As a child, my most memorable experiences in Nature were on trips to the Eastern Sierra Nevada. The vast landscapes, towering mountain peaks, and stunning natural beauty left lasting impressions. It wasn't until my first painting class in college did I realize how to merge that love of Nature with my new found desire to create. I find in paint, a way to communicate, which transcends both language and culture. The beauty of a moment , a place in time, interesting people and their experiences; all find their way to my canvas. "

Southern California artist Jeff Skelly graduated from Cal State Northridge with a Bachelor of Arts in 1989 and continued his studies at the California Art Institute and University of California Los Angeles Extension. And, he's been painting ever since... Jeff also conducts plein air painting workshops and teaches classical painting on an individual basis.

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