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Love Fry

Booth #44

Love Fry

Hi 👋 I'm Love. The Mama, designer, artist, creator behind SewLoveCo. I'm a recently single Mama who's working hard to show my love light everything that's possible when you dream big. Thank YOU for being here and supporting my family AND my passion of creation.

I started sewing when I was pregnant with my daughter. I adore the act of creation. From writing to sewing and backpacking thousands of miles, it all ignites my fire. I have a deep passion and reverence for Mama Gaia and all things consciousness. Those themes are highlighted in the goods I create. Every item you purchase is intentionally crafted and sewn with love. I want the energy that goes into each piece to be of the highest signature - Love.

Love is the foundation of my company, my family, my life. I am a tenderer of the heart. I am a nurturer of nature. I am an explorer of consciousness. I believe in stepping out of the old paradigm and co-creating the new. I strive to create long-lasting products that will be passed down. I aim for unique pieces that showcase different aspects of my life that bring me joy- so that I may gift that to you.

Thank you for supporting me and my sweet babe. I adore creating for you! You are Loved. You are Love.

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