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Michael Rogers Jewelry

Booth #23

Michael Rogers Jewelry

A member of the federally recognized Paiute-Shoshone Bands of the Inyo Mono Yosemite Great Basin Region of Eastern Sierra California, Bishop Indian Reservation. I have served three times on the tribe’s tribal council and two times as chairman of the tribal council. I am over 85 years old and over 50 of those years I have spent making jewelry. For the last some 35 years, I have qualified to participate in the Santa Fe Indian Market. This reflects the consistent quality and innovation I incorporate in my jewelry that includes my Native American Indian heritage, culture, tradition, and spiritual relationship of the sacred union of Mother Earth and the Great Spirit.

This union provides the circle of life on our life’s sacred journey. These natural native concepts and sacred feelings influence the genuine concrete creativity and a unique style that gives my jewelry a natural timeless elegance.

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