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ThinkOutsideImages was brought to life during the final day of the fall 2008 Red Rock Ride at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It was there that I found a T-shirt with the words “Just Think Outside” emblazoned across the front with an image of this national wonder. Much of my life is spent outdoors and this motto really struck me.

My interest in photography really started when I was 10 years old and taking black and white images with some very inexpensive cameras that were mailed to me through a photography club that I joined. Too long ago to remember specifics but somewhere I still have an image of my father with his horse taken with one of those little cameras. This hobby later turned into a necessity at my very first job out of college. I really wasn’t planning on getting into the newspaper business, but an opportunity came along with the Santa Ynez Valley News and I soon found out that as Sports Editor, I was not only responsible for writing but photographing the local events. The job was short-lived but the knack for taking pictures lived on. I was born and have lived and worked the last 30 plus years in Santa Barbara, CA. I'm now retired from my day job at UCSB.

My formative years were spent living and learning some of life's mysteries in the Eastern Sierra. As a teenager, I never appreciated the natural beauty of the area. It's only been in the last 10-15 years where I have found great solace in the area and have been driven to return over and over, looking to capture some of its majesty. I have found great inspiration from the works of Galen Rowell and others. I also discovered another paradise in 2010 when I ventured to Alaska for the first time and found that one could spend nearly 20 hours a day in the summer outdoors with a camera in hand. Since then, photography has become more than just a passion. It's now a second career that I truly love.

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