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A Fond Farewell- Kristen Schipke Steps Down From the MAC Board After 12 Years of Volunteer Service

If you are a supporter of Mono Arts Council, chances are you have met Kristen Schipke at some point. Either as a stained glass and mosaic artist at our Labor Day Festival, or possibly at one of her extremely popular Art & Wine Mosaic classes, or maybe just around town advocating for MAC. Regardless of where you encountered Kristen, there is no doubt that she is an ardent supporter of the arts in our community. Kristen joined the board of Mono Arts Council in 2008 as Secretary. During her tenure on the board, she helped create our well known Art & Wine program to give the adults in our community an outlet for expressing themselves creatively.

In 2014/2015, MAC nearly folded, but thanks to Kristen's leadership and efforts as the newly elected Board Chair, the organization was able to survive and eventually thrive again. There are so many more wonderful things in a long list of Kristen's contributions to MAC. We would love to tell you about them all, but instead, I will ask you to join me in a collective 'THANK YOU, KRISTEN!'


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