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MAC April Student Spotlight: Ricardo

Ricardo is a 6th grader at Antelope Elementary in Coleville! He talked to us after his MAC Ukulele class about all the different kinds of art he is involved in, and shared some of his favorites - and what inspires him.

How long have you been playing Ukulele?

About a year. I really like songs with ukuleles - there’s an artist, Boy with Uke, that I like a lot.

What kinds of other art do you like?

I like theatre, visual art, music

Why do you love art?

I can express myself, especially in theatre.  I like comedy a lot. And I like working with people - it’s a lot different from being in class, because in theatre you can do what you want. In the theater project in the fall, our director let us make changes to the script and improvise our own lines sometimes.

Do you have a favorite piece of art you have created?

There’s this drawing that I have -it’s 2 people walking into a mountain while holding hands - and the moon in the middle. Also, up in Carson (City), we went to camp and did a comedy show.

What would you say to a friend to get them interested in art?

I would say that you can do anything you like! If you like something like sci-fi, you can do a play about sci-fi. You can work what you’re interested in into art.

Why is art so important right now?

It gives people time and space to express themselves and because you can really find yourself in that process.


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