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MAC Student Spotlight: Ember, 6th grade student at Lee Vining Middle School

This month, we are excited to feature Ember for our Student Spotlight. Ember is a very talented 6th grade student at the Lee Vining Middle School who recently participated in out Cultural Arts Program.

  1. What did you love about the Brazilian arts program with Dandha & Papiba?

I really enjoyed learning about how to bucket drum.

2. What was your favorite part?

My favorite part was when Dandha danced for us.

3. Are you still practicing what you learned? If so, what part?

I don’t necessarily consider it practice, but I find myself tapping the rhythms we learned.

4. Why do you like the arts?

I like art because you can be creative and have fun while doing it. I also like that you can experience art from around the world.


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