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Student Spotlight: Angelica, MHS 11th Grade Student

Mono Arts Council is proud to feature staff, students, and artists with out Monthly Spotlight. This month, meet Angelica, an 11th grader from Mammoth High School.

Why do you love art?

I love art because it allows me to express the things that live in my mind, without having to literally say anything. Also, I enjoy how you can really do anything if you use your imagination.

What is a favorite piece of art you have created?

My favorite piece of art that I’ve ever done is a sketch of a Panda. It was my first drawing that I ever completed.

What would you say to a friend to get them interested in art?

I would say “if you have thoughts you don’t understand, feelings that you can’t express, let them go and show them through your creativity in art.”

Why is art so important right now?

For me, art is important right now because it allows me to expand my mind and connect with my inner-self. Connecting with my inner-self has been much more important since I’ve been a highschooler, and especially since Covid has started. I feel like, as a highschooler, you’re really trying to figure out who you are, and what your place and purpose is in this world. Adding covid and self-isolation to the picture, and it’s like now you really have to spend time with yourself and your thoughts. For many of us, it could have been/can be hard to be isolated with your own true self and thoughts and feelings, and art gives you an amazing way to channel all that, and express, understand. Plus you get experience, have fun, and even make friends!

“Angelica is an engaging young woman open to experience and opportunity.

In Open Studio she's accessed her inner self in creating a meditation piece

to keep it serene during these interesting times. Angelica brings great insight and conversation to our creative space, as well as a spark of fun and spontaneity.”

- Dana Ellis, MAC Teaching Artist & Gallery Artist


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