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Student Spotlight: Thomas, EBES 5th Grade Student

Mono Arts Council continues to feature staff, students, and artists with our Monthly Spotlight. Meet Thomas, a 5th grade student at Edna Beaman Elementary School.

  1. Why do you love art?

At first, I didn’t like to do art until I was in Ms Daria’s art class. Now, I love art because you can draw whatever you want.

  1. What was your most favorite thing you ever created?

My favorite thing I’ve created in Ms. Daria's class is the Crayola Play Doh sculpture of a character.

  1. Why do you think art is important right now?

I think art is important because it expresses our feelings.

Thomas is a talented young creative professional who always supports me and his peers in the classroom. Whether in person or online, he’s always there to solve creative problems, and to cheer up and help others. I would have loved to have such a friend when I was in school.” - Ms. Daria, MAC Teaching Artist


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