Galaxy Mugs

Galaxy Mugs

Michael Cooke
  • Artist Bio

    Michael came to ceramics by chance; after working in the two-dimensional world of photography for many years, he was introduced to the three-dimensional medium of ceramics by good friend Barbara Manning. Her grasp of functional ceramics inspired Michael.


    As a veteran of professional portrait photography, Michael appreciates the fusion of light in his custom glazes. Having been formally educated in natural resources, he also appreciates the organic texture of the clay. The combination is his unique gift to you.


    Every artist in the Mono Arts Council Gallery & Art Center is invited to show their art because they are either a resident of the Eastern Sierra or have strong ties to the community.


    We support both emerging and experienced artists in our space and 50% of all proceeds go directly to the artist while the other 50% goes to support arts education right here in Mono County.

  • Product Description

    Each item is handmade. No two items are alike. Sizes will vary, shapes will vary, but each type of product is similar in size and shape. Handmade in Bishop, CA.


    Note from the Artist:

    To achieve the depth of color in my glazes, I glaze in several layers. The layers react differently with each other to achieve the results I am looking for. When the piece is fired to 2,300 _ the glaze turns into glass with the resulting depth of colors.

    The problem with microwaving my pottery is the nature of how a microwave works. A microwave works by heating very quickly this does not allow the clay and the glaze/glass, to expand and contract evenly. Sometimes the glaze may crack.

    Some people have microwaved my pottery without cracking, but there is no guarantee that will happen every time. I would stay on the side of caution.

  • Return Policy

    We can only accept the return of items if they are damaged or were supplied in error.


    PLEASE NOTE that, unless the product is defective, you will not be able to return any product that is not in its original packaging, i.e. unopened and with any seals or shrink-wrapping intact.


    You shall be responsible