Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Lapis Lazuli Necklace


Cathy Enright

  • Artist Bio

    Hello, I'm Cathy Enright, the one-woman show behind StoneBlossoms Jewelry.

    My jewelry is heavily influenced and inspired by my deep appreciation for the colors, shapes and textures found in nature. Just out my front door, I am struck by the contrasting colors of nature - the caramel brown jagged rocks against the blue sky; the brilliant golden yellow and orange of the aspen leaves against the dark green of the Jeffrey Pines.

    I create each piece in my home studio located in Crowley Lake, CA, just 15 miles south of Mammoth Lakes, CA.

    I use traditional metalsmithing techniques to create nature-inspired jewelry featuring precious metals and semi-precious gemstones. Each piece in the StoneBlossoms Jewelry line is hand forged, sawed, pierced, formed and soldered individually.

    Making art jewelry with my saw and a fresh piece of silver is one of my favorite ways to spend a day. I am particularly fond of piercing and sawing shapes in metal to depict a scene from the Eastern Sierra. My most popular series, The Alpine Collection, is a series of Alpine Scenes, sawn, layered and soldered in sterling silver and mixed metals to honor our beautiful Alpine Scenery.

    ~ Cathy Enright

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