Lenticular Cloud Contortions #2

Lenticular Cloud Contortions #2


Stephen Ingram

  • Product Description

    14" x 20" Photograph on Metal 

  • Artist Bio

    Stephen Ingram has been photographing nature subjects for over 30 years, and has lived in the Eastern Sierra since 1994. He photographs primarily landscapes and botanical subjects, but over the past ten years has focused more on abstracts and clouds. He has also shifted to having his images printed only on metal or canvas, surfaces that can accentuate contrast and texture in certain subjects. Stephen’s photos have been published in numerous books, magazines, calendars, and field guides, and have also been available as fine art prints and note cards. Stephen is the author and photographer of Cacti, Agaves, and Yuccas of California and Nevada (Cachuma Press, 2008), and photographer of Rock Creek Wildflowers (CNPS, 2015). 


    “This exhibit showcases the inspiring beauty of our local mountains and the amazing and ethereal cloud formations we witness in the Eastern Sierra. Clouds are ⎯ both literally and figuratively ⎯ one of nature’s highest forms of abstract art.” 


    “Here on the lee side of the Sierra Nevada, we are very fortunate to live in a cloudspotter’s paradise, as well as a mountaineer’s paradise. Our local mountains are popular photographic subjects because of their grandeur and the seasonal changes they exhibit. Mountain landscapes are usually improved with the presence of interesting clouds and light, but clouds themselves can be ideal photographic subjects because of each form’s unique and changing characteristics, and because of the way clouds absorb and reflect light.”