Luna Moth

Luna Moth

Susi Bains
  • Artist Bio


    Susi Bains was immersed in arts from a very young age, growing up in a home of talented painters, wood workers and textile artists. As a young girl she remembers being captivated by the beauty of stained glass, enchanted with its brilliant range of colors and shades. As a young adult she took a community workshop to learn the basics of building leaded glass windows and has been committed to the craft ever since. From that time, she has fueled her creative roots by mastering traditional techniques and developing her own unique style. Susi strives to create pieces that are pleasing to the eye and that will draw the viewer in to engage with the colors, shapes, and textures that they see. Many of her pieces are inspired by nature and are often housed in vintage wooden picture and window frames. Susi lives in Mammoth Lakes, California, with her husband Jeff and 2 dogs, Hula and MookieB.


    Every artist in the Mono Arts Council Gallery & Art Center is invited to show their art because they are either a resident of the Eastern Sierra or have strong ties to the community. We support both emerging and experienced artists in our space and 50% of all proceeds go directly to the artist while the other 50% goes to support arts education right here in Mono County. 

  • Product Description

    Luna Moth is stained glass, 19.5x24.


    Piece submitted in MAC's seasonal show, Howling at the Moon.


    Note from the Artist: Luna moths represent rebirth and renewal of body and spirit. They are beautiful in appearance and have docile personalities. This piece was constructed using the copper foil method, also called the Tiffany Method of stained glass construction. Each piece of glass is cut by hand. Rough edges are then ground and smoothed until they connect like a puzzle to fit snugly with neighboring pieces. Each piece of glass is then wrapped with a copper foil tape and the individual pieces are then joined by soldering them together on both front and back creating a strong metal framework that holds the glass pieces together.

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