Ornament: Bear Silhouette + Blue Water

Ornament: Bear Silhouette + Blue Water

Diana Daltorio
  • Artist Bio

    Diana Daltorio is a full-time high school Social Studies teacher, and part time artist.  She has always loved to draw and paint, but taught herself pyrography (woodburning) two years ago so she could make her brother an ammo box with an image of their dog on it.  She had seen an ammo box posted online with laser engraved hunting dogs on it... she wanted it, but nobody had any for sale and the company would not sell her just one.  So, she made her own.  She has continued to work on her skills, making gifts and custom creations for friends and items to sell. Diana often heads to her craft table after a long day of teaching to create or work on something before bed. She finds the process soothing and she enjoys bringing joy to others with her work.


    Every artist in the Mono Arts Council Gallery & Art Center is invited to show their art because they are either a resident of the Eastern Sierra or have strong ties to the community. We support both emerging and experienced artists in our space and 50% of all proceeds go directly to the artist while the other 50% goes to support arts education right here in Mono County.

  • Product Description

    Handmade Ornament. Pyrography and Acrylic on Wood. Ready to hang!

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