Rock Creek Alpenglow

Rock Creek Alpenglow

Heather Freeman
  • Artist Information

    Heather Freeman is a textile artist using photography to create nature-inspired artwork. She creates textile prints of her Eastern Sierra photographs and turns them into ready-to-hang canvases, cuddly-soft pillows, and luxurious art scarves.


    The desire to make special, original gifts for her family is how she got Wild Onion Creations started. When buying things off the shelf from big box stores didn't quite say it, she began handcrafting bags and pillows. Having loved photography since forever, she wondered if I could get her pictures onto the fabric, and then make things. So the experiments began. And ultimately she created one-of-a-kind pieces of textile art with her photography.


    With a background in architectural design and graphic design, she continues to sharpen her designer eye and keep her creativity flowing by creating art. While out adventuring in nature, it has been a joy for Heather to stumble across wild onions when they are blooming. Super easy to pass by if you aren't paying close attention, those purple blossoms on the pungent stems add a punch of detail to the experience. She likes to bring that level of detail to her work and hopes her Wild Onion Creations become special treasures for nature appreciators and their families.


    Having grown up in Southern California, she moved to Bishop, California, in 2006 for outdoor recreation and access to nature. When not creating or photographing, you'll likely find her exploring our many beautiful Eastern Sierra areas by riding bikes or walking her dogs, while dreaming up new ways to share those experiences in her art.