Wake Up, The Storm Is Coming, Matted Prints

Wake Up, The Storm Is Coming, Matted Prints

Marian Elton
  • Artist Bio

    Marian Elton started her love of art using paint by numbers kits. Taking art classes in oil painting began the journey which led to a career as a commercial artist. Moving to Lone Pine in 1988, she was inspired by the incredible landscapes and created paintings using watercolors, pastels, and acrylic mediums. Combining graphic art and fine art she produced paintings, t-shirts, magnets, posters, postcards and mugs with her designs. Elton has many commissioned pieces held in private collections.


    Elton has contributed to the production and design of murals in Lone Pine to include the Gateway to the Eastern Sierra PPG Tank, Museum of Western Film History, and Wedding of the Waters.  Local business interior murals include Bonanza Mexican Restaurant and Alabama Hills Café.


    Elton went to Florence, Italy to study restoration and conservation.  Her current project is restoring the environmental damage on the exterior mural of the Museum of Western Film History in Lone Pine.


    Marian Elton is currently creating artwork inspired by her dreamtime and meditations. Her medium is hand grounded earth pigments and linseed oil using ancient traditional methods.



    Every artist in the Mono Arts Council Gallery & Art Center is invited to show their art because they are either a resident of the Eastern Sierra or have strong ties to the community.


    We support both emerging and experienced artists in our space and 50% of all proceeds go directly to the artist while the other 50% goes to support arts education right here in Mono County.

  • Product Description

    11" x 14", Matted Prints.


    Note from the Artist:

    Inspired by a horseback trip to Upper Crabtree in the Sierra Mountains. Horses escaped, altitude sickness and a two day journey walking out. Elton called on her ancestors to help. Twice passing out on the trail, a voice woke her up by saying, "Wake up, the storm is coming." And indeed, the rain and hail storm swelled the streams and flooded the trail.

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