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MAC Student Art Show 

What I love 

Zine & E-zine Student Projects

For nearly two months,  the students of our Digital Arts Program worked on visual research, prototyping, and online book design. They wrote text and used collage and drawing to create digital zines to express thoughts and emotions about things they find fascinating in life, from exploration of their heritage to hair dyeing. 


Printed zines are available for purchase, with all sale proceeds going directly to the students. 

Create With Greats

Throughout the 2020-2021 school year, Mono County students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade have learned about various great artists from all over the world and created their own pieces of artwork inspired by the different artistic styles introduced in each lesson. Each student was encouraged to pick their favorite piece of work that they created in one of the 5 art lessons from Create with the Greats to submit into the art show. Students were asked questions that helped them reflect on their submitted work of art.


The artists covered over the school year in the Create with the Greats art education program were Frida Kahlo, Hokusai, Paul Klee, Marc Chagall, and Vincent Van Gogh. Students learned about abstract art, self-portraits, texture, the asian brush stroke technique, and much more. The goal of the Create with the Greats program is to enrich students' lives through art but also to instil the idea that we are all artists.

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