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Joy Costello

Joy loves animals and spending time with her family, friends and 2 cats. Originally from San Antonio, TX, she began her interest for the arts studying Drawing, Design, Photography and Printmaking at San Antonio College. Joy fell in love with the intensity of figure drawing, taking classes in life drawing and attending weekly live drawing sessions at the Coppini Academy of Fine Art.


In 2013 she moved to the Eastern Sierras where she switched her focus from drawing the human figure to painting animals - mostly cats, dogs and birds, with watercolor and mixed media. Joy's art is inspired by enjoying time in nature and being the regular pet-sitter/dog-walker for her friends and neighbors. With an endless fascination for finding ways of honoring the relationships and memories we have with our pets and capturing their personalities, she is currently working towards establishing her own custom pet portrait business.


"You know that special feeling you get when you see a dog all of a sudden? I'd like to do that with my art" -Joy

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