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PB Designs

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PB Designs

Peter Bailey is an old-world artist with over 35 years of traditional and innovative custom jewelry design. He combines old-school quality with sophisticated motifs.
Founded in 1979, Peter Bailey Designs has grown from a small time hobby operated out of a humble 2nd bedroom to an extremely successful jewelry business with high quality sterling silver and gold collections. His work has been sold in over 400 galleries throughout the United States. Each original piece is made individually with quality, care, and an appreciation for unique and timeless designs.

Peter draws inspiration from Art Nouveau and Celtic designs all the way to contemporary works. In his Celtic-inspired series of rings he uses entwined, unbroken lines to create a sensual feel that symbolizes unbreakable love. Each piece gives one the experience of owning a personalized work of art.

He specializes in wedding sets, anniversary rings, commitment rings, and promise rings using conflict-free stones, gold and silver.

Peter Bailey Designs is based in Santa Rosa, California, however you can also find Peter in different locations throughout the year, as he travels to various art shows. Some of his stops include shows in California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. Peter has participated in hundreds of shows over the last 35 years and has won several awards. He also teaches jewelry making at the Mendocino Art Center in northern California.

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