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Gallery Artists

Find artful items & support our local artists by shopping our Gallery & Community Arts Center. Get a taste of the artists we represent!



Gallery Exhibits

See what exhibits are currently featured in the gallery!


We have ongoing seasonal shows with varying themes, as well as a featured artist, and plenty of other amazing artwork in our standard collection and space. 


Open Studio

We are inviting the community to use our studio space in every way possible!


Every week, you are welcome to walk in, sit down (or stand!) and CREATE in MAC's space.

No appointments needed!

Thursday-Friday 12-5pm
Saturday -Sunday 12-4pm

Monday 12-5pm

Artist at His Studio

Call for Artists

Before every seasonal show we send out a call for artists to submit their artwork to ther show, based on the theme for that show.  

See what's our next show is and submit your artwork to take part!

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