In School Programs

Arts Act


MAC is very excited to partner with the California Arts Council to provide a regular, sequential art program to students at the Mono County Community Schools. The central focus of the Art Act program is the development of personal artistic style through the exploration of art-related careers. During the course, students will work in small groups to conduct visual research and develop an off- and online Pop-Up art show dedicated to emergent social and political issues. Central purpose of the program is to provide students with tools and methods essential for creative professions, such as discovery, interpretation, ideation, experimentation, and evolution. By mastering sequential design thinking through the process of creating works of art, organizing art shows, and promoting artwork online, students acquire vital knowledge and competitive advantage to prepare for a creative career.

Create with the Greats


MAC has been facilitating the Meet the Masters program in every Mono County elementary school for over 10 years. Master artists such as Kahlo, and Van Gogh are taught to students with both an art history and art project based on the  artists’ work. Starting in 2018, we began developing our own program similar to Meet the Masters called Create with the Greats. The focus of our curriculum aims to include more Native American and Latinx artists in the program, such as Diego Rivera, as well as components of social emotional learning. We are grateful to our local partner, MCOE, for funding this program. Currently, there are no art teachers in any Mono County elementary school. The only way grade school children receive art instruction and art history is through MAC and our programs like Create with the Greats.

Digital Arts Program

The Digital Arts and Mixed-Media Program is focused on teaching artistic expressive techniques and history of visual arts while exploring the elements of mixed media, digital media, and design-thinking. Mono County children have limited opportunities to explore the intersection of art and technology. Moreover, many local families cannot afford basic art materials, much less tech gadgets like iPads or video projectors. Following inquiry-based discussions, students will learn about some of the most influential modern animators, photographers, and videographers, and use the knowledge to create original artwork that reflects the cultural diversity of our community.

MAC Music Program


The students in the Eastern Sierra Unified School District (ESUSD) currently do not have any regular in-school music instruction. Through fundraising efforts, MAC is currently developing a sequential, standards-based music program that will be provided to every ESUSD student from Kindergarten-8th grade. They will also be learning about music from cultures around the world, including Latino and Native American cultures. This will give students from those cultures a closer connection to their heritage and provide those students from other cultures a greater appreciation and connection to their peers. By having regular music performances open to the parents, the students will also gain awareness of the support of the community beyond their peers and instructors.