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Open Studio

Mono Arts Council is inviting you to use our Community Arts Center!

No need to call ahead!

This art space is yours.

So get in here and use it!💜

Open Studio Hours:

Weekdays 12-5pm

Weekends 12-4pm 

Subject to change if we have a special event in the gallery that day.

If you have any questions, please call the Gallery at (760) 914-2909.

Ground Rules

All adults are welcome! Children 12 and under are required to have parent/guardian supervision when participating in Open Studio.

This is NOT a guided open studio or class. This is an open space for you to expand your creativity, however there is no instructor for our open studio time.

You may bring your own art supplies! Whether it be painting, sketching, knitting, wood working - we happily welcome you and your medium!

MAC does have a short list of supplies you can use for free, rent or purchase. Things like paint brushes, sketch paper, construction paper, knitting needles, yarn, Macramé cord, etc.

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