Open Studio + Creative Circles

Mono Arts Council is inviting you to use our Community Arts Center!

No need to call ahead!

This art space is yours.

So get in here and use it!💜

Open Studio Hours:

Thursday -Monday

12 pm -5 pm

If you have any questions, please call the Gallery at (760) 914-2909.

Ground Rules

All adults are welcome! Although ages 12-17 are welcome, we do require a parent consent form to be signed in the Gallery. If you are a minor or would like your minor to be able to use our space, please come in and sign the form just one time.

This is NOT a guided open studio or class. This is an open space for you to expand your creativity, however there is no instructor for our open studio time.

Bring your own art supplies! Whether it be painting, sketching, knitting, wood working - we happily welcome you and your medium!

MAC does have a short list of supplies you can use for free, rent or purchase. Things like paint brushes, sketch paper, construction paper, knitting needles, yarn, Macramé cord, etc.

Lastly, MAC is in compliance with Mono County Covid protocols. Currently, that means masks are on while in the studio, except when drinking or snacking.​

Colorful Yarn Collection

Knitting Circle

Enjoy community, connection and knitting - all in one place!

Next Gatherings:

Sunday, October 9th 4-6pm

Sunday, October 23rd, 4-6pm

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to spend a few hours? Join Mono Arts Council's FREE Knitting Circle!

Our open studio space is a great way to enjoy knitting while also engaging other community members and growing connections.

Join us! Let's create together!