Image by Andy Kelly

Art + Wine

Discover an exciting new option to your Mammoth social life…

Learn how to paint, draw, print, mosaic, etc…all while in the real or virtual company of friends. Taught by local and visiting artists, you’ll come away with a masterpiece. It’s okay if you don’t consider yourself an artist – let us show you how to unleash your creative spirit!

The Art+Wine program is sponsored by:


Pet portraits, with Annemarie Hall @ Side Door

8/12/22, 12:30 AM

Bring your favorite photo of your pet and turn that photo into a piece of watercolor art, with Annemarie Hall’s expert guidance.

Class Price: $40


Linocut printmaking, with Kristi Day @ MAC

8/26/22, 12:30 AM

In this class Kristi Day will walk you through the basics of creating a linocut piece of art. Learn how to carve a linoleum block and create prints.

Class price: $55


Pointillism painting, with Kristi Day @ Side Door

9/9/22, 12:30 AM

Together, we will explore the painting technique called pointillism; using individual dots of color to create an image.

Class Price: $40


Herbal painting, with Kimberly Bohan @ MAC

9/23/22, 12:30 AM

In this class Kim Bohan of Smoketree Massage & Apothecary will talk to us about herbalism and we will make paints out of herbs to paint a canvas with.

Class Price: $50


Round Weaving, with Elysia Fischbach @ Side Door

10/7/22, 12:30 AM

Join us for an evening of weaving beautiful textile art on an 8" metal hoop using different techniques and fibers.

Class Price: $55


Paint Pouring, with Kristi Day @ MAC

10/21/22, 12:30 AM

Pouring paint is a satisfying way to create beautiful pieces of art - watching the colors create shapes and form cells across the canvas. Join us for an evening with lots of laughs and moderately controlled paint spills.

Class price: $65