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Sophisticated Soap and Body Butter

Booth #13

Sophisticated Soap and Body Butter

In 2002, with enormous excitement, enthusiasm, and optimism, Michael and Kristina transformed a hobby into Sophisticated Soap in Laguna Beach, California. Since then they have worked very hard and diligently to create, exhibit, and sell their exquisite creations at a multitude of juried fine art and fine craft festivals, mainly in Arizona, California, Nevada and Washington.

Full-time, accomplished artists, Michael and Kristina continue to carefully and lovingly create extraordinary Art Glass Dishes that dazzle; exquisite, hand-sculpted, Glycerin ArtSoap Slices to complement the vibrant colors of their glasswork; beautiful, brightly colored Glycerin Soap Slabs; and silky, soft, and creamy Glycerin/Shea Body Butter.

Today, they feel exceedingly fortunate to have built an extensive, national and international following of beloved customers of all ages, who appreciate and praise the artistic value of every Sophisticated Soap creation, as well as the extraordinary effectiveness thereof.

All of their Soap and Body Butter are carefully created from their original, proprietary, precise formulae to safely, naturally, and luxuriously pamper the face, body, heart, mind, and soul of those with savoir faire. Michael and Kristina formulate their Soap to create lavish lather; their Body Butter to leave every skin feeling silky, soft, and smooth instead of sticky, oily, and greasy; and all with extraordinary moisturizing qualities.

Michael and Kristina choose not to employ a factory or any helpers. Instead, they enthusiastically and joyfully undertake all production and manage, administrate, and market their little business-together. This is inclusive of, but not limited to, the following shared tasks: selecting and ordering all raw ingredients and supplies; all blending, firing, designing, melting, mixing, and pouring; selecting, acquiring, and cutting of all art glass for their dishes; blending every fragrance; cutting, wrapping, and labeling every ArtSoap Slice and Slab; hand-filling, weighing, sealing, and labelling every jar of Body Butter; creating and affixing every label; inventorying and selling every piece; fulfilling and shipping every mail order; and maintaining all equipment and tools in excellent condition-all while maintaining excellent quality control, in a spotlessly clean work environment.

Michael and Kristina reside in Arizona in the Winter and California in the Summer, where every day is awesome, and they gratefully count their Joys and Bubbles - not their troubles.

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