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Student Spotlight: Collin, LVES Kindergarten Student

Mono Arts Council is excited to start featuring our fantastic staff, students, and artists on our blog with monthly spotlights. Meet the faces behind Mono Arts Council and get inspired by their dedication to art and the MAC mission.

1. Why do you love art?

Because it's just fun! I like to be creative and make lots of different volcanoes with colors right now. I made a Stellar's Jay too, you just think of something in your head and do it.

2. What is your most favorite thing you

ever created?

Hard to decide, but right now, it's my blue jay picture because I did it without any help.

3. Why do you think art is important right now?

You can just do what you see in your head with your own ideas and be creative. No one has to be in charge of your art but you! You can get help too to start. There are lots of helpers, but then you can do what you want.

"I love to see Collin's excitement about art. He is very creative and conscientious of his work. He follows the lessons but often asks about adding his own detail. He is a joy to teach!"

- Ms. Eilts, Collin's teacher at Lee Vining Elementary School

* A note about Collin. Colin, like all Elementary School students in Mono County, participates in a program we provide called Create With the Greats. This program is in school, and currently is only offered for 5 lessons per year. In addition to this program, Collin CHOOSES to participate in our after-school arts program, Mono Makes Art. He has (with his parents help, of course) attended nearly every visual art class we have offered! We can't wait to see where Collin's love of art takes him!


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