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Student Spotlight: Sylvia, MUSD 2nd Grade Student

Mono Arts Council is excited to start featuring our fantastic staff, students, and artists on our blog with monthly spotlights. Meet the faces behind Mono Arts Council and get inspired by their dedication to art and the MAC mission.

1. Why do you love art?

I love art because it is really fun to do and fun to learn about. When I do art and learn about it, I feel really happy and it feels fun to me.

2. What is your most favorite thing you

ever created?

A picture I painted of a sunset. It is my favorite because I like to paint sunsets.

3. Why do you think art is important right now?

I think art is important right now because it makes me feel really happy.

"Sylvia asks questions during the presentation and makes connections to artists she knows. She never completely follows along, but she does make it her own. She also creates names for the objects in her art. For example, she started the idea of naming the birds during the Frida Kahlo art lesson."

- Ms. Escobar, Sylvia’s teacher at Mammoth Elementary


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