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Volunteer Spotlight: Marian Elton

This month, we are kicking off a new series of spotlights showcasing our amazing volunteers! We are thrilled to feature Marian Elton for our first Volunteer Spotlight. Marian is passionate about the arts, the communities they connect and cultivate, as well as the energy they bring to people. Read more about Marian's experience with MAC and volunteering below.

1. How did you hear about Mono Arts Council? What inspired you to volunteer your time for the organization?

I had met Kristin through my son while she was visiting in Lone Pine. Her love of music and the arts was wonderful to see. She enjoyed my art, so I was inspired to display my art in the MAC gallery. Kristin, delightful and enthusiastic to speak with, encouraged me to support MAC by volunteering.

2. What was your role as a volunteer? What was your favorite part about

supporting MAC?

As a volunteer at their July 4th event, I worked the MAC booth and participated in the paint booth. I enjoyed sharing the awesome work MAC provides in the community and directing them to events for children to explore. It is always a joyous occasion to experience, art, music, food and people.

3. Are you an artist and/or arts enthusiast?

I believe in the arts because color nourishes the soul and spirit. As an artist, muralist and crafter, it is important for me to be of service to the community. I choose to give my creative energy to the arts and organizations who support it.

4. If you could say anything to inspire others to volunteer for MAC, what would

it be?

Artists exchange energy from other artists. Volunteers supporting the artists to provide exciting events is a wonderful collaboration to be in service of others. It feeds the spirit. Love art and it loves you back.

5. Why do you think the arts are so important right now?

Art in its essence, as stated by Gladys Mayer is “to seek to understand and recreate the divine harmonies in earthly substances, to weave the divine and the earthly together into a new, colorful harmony.” It is as true today as it was in the early 1900’s. Art give us a voice, helps balance us, and assists in healing the mind, body and spirit. Art is an inclusive anomaly as it takes a collaboration with artists, musicians, teachers, administrators, volunteers and community to make it happen.

If you would like to volunteer for the 2023 Mammoth Lakes Arts on the Fourth Festival, visit the link here for more information:


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