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Holiday Gift Guide #3: 5 Gifts Under $100

Are you shopping for that special someone? Perhaps a family member?

MAC's online Gallery allows you to shop with ease while supporting local artists. Below are 5 Holiday Gift Ideas Under $100.

Online and in-shop!

by TT Pottery Designs


Theresa and Melanie Otto are blowing our minds with their ceramic jewelry. Theresa is a ceramicist. She's been making gorgeous pottery for years, and now Theresa and her daughter have jumped headfirst into jewelry, too! We're thrilled, and all of it is worth checking out!

Shop HERE!

2. Wood Heart

by Todd Unangst


Todd crafts Wood Hearts and they're amazing! Looking for a fun and whimsical gift for someone you know? Well, this is the perfect find for you!

Shop HERE!

by Elysia Fischbach at Eastside Fiberworks


This perfectly crafted weaving of Mono Lake Tufa's in Winter is an incredibly thoughtful gift for any loved one. Elysia at Eastside Fiberworks does a great job keeping all of her fibers coming from independent yarn spinners and small business fiber providers. Support this artist by purchasing one of her beautiful woven pieces!

Shop HERE!

by Cathi Borthwick at Flag Forge


This Double Pine Candleholder makes for a rustic and beautiful addition to any home! Do you know someone who loves Pinecones and Metal Art? You're in luck! Snag this well-crafted candleholder today!

Shop HERE!

by Joy Niewald


Joy's beautiful painting "Winter's Dream" is a wonderful piece for those deep-Winter lovers.



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