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MAC November Student Spotlight: Madilynn

Now that the weather is turning colder, we are excited to share the warm smile and sunny outlook of Madilynn , a 3rd grader at Bridgeport Elementay . Madilynn loves art and music, and understands the importance of practice! She thinks everyone should try art!

Madilynn, 3rd grade, BES

Do you like art, and if so, why?

I like arts because I love to do art. I like the drums. I have a violin at home and I’m trying to learn how to play it on my own. Sometimes I can do a good string but sometimes it sounds horrible and I have to stop.

What is a favorite piece of art you have created or a favorite time in performing arts?

I like last year when we stamped on cloth [Josef Frank art project with MAC]. That’s one of my favorites.

What would you say to a friend to get them interested in the arts?

I would say "Try!" You might like it or you might not.

Why are the arts so important right now?

Because you have to be like really careful about how you use your things and it’s easy to smudge it. [commenting on Escher’s art project with soft pastels in class].


So proud of my granddaughter. you rock!

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