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MAC Staff Spotlight: Annemarie Hall

If you've been to the Gallery in recent months, you've likely met our dedicated and talented Gallery Curator/Artist Liaison, Annemarie Hall! We are thrilled to have Annemarie on the MAC team, as her commitment to Eastern Sierra artists inspires each of us. Let's learn a little bit about Annemarie here:

1. What is your connection to the arts? Are you an artist yourself or do you have a particular interest in the arts?

It seems like I have always had a crayon, brush, piece of lego or sand pail & shovel in my hand…always drawing, creating, building, tearing down, erasing, painting and starting again with a fresh piece of paper or pile of building blocks. In reality, I have been an artist for as long as I can remember and still feel that I look at the world as an artist in my adult life even though I’m not painting or drawing much at the moment. But, as an artist, I’m always problem solving, communicating and creating in some way.

2. What is your favorite art medium and why is it your favorite?

Hmm…I don’t really have a favorite medium at the moment, and have explored many art mediums and natural materials like oils, acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, clay, heart rocks and rocks with holes. As a Landscape Architect my ‘art supplies’ became concrete, stone, wood, plants & flowers. My favorite art medium is the one that when I’m using it, I lose myself in the making of the art and lose track of time. I also love learning something new from other artists. My latest favorite medium was blended acrylic paint, in the Paint Pour Class taught by Kristi Day at MAC’s Art and Wine in February.

3. If you could learn any arts medium, what would it be? Why?

I’m super excited to try my hand at pastels and just bought some paper and pastels to explore. I would also like to try mixed media and see if all my past ‘dabbles’ in different mediums can come together in one piece of art. Last week, a beautiful canvas came into the gallery for the ‘Made You Look’ Seasonal Show, and it was fresh, playful, and sophisticated. It used all sorts of material - paint, crayons, receipts, clothes pins, beads and paper. And then I learned that it was created by a 4 year old artist! My goal is to use multiple art mediums to capture that same free joyful spirit and share it with other kids and other artists.

4. What is your favorite part of your job as MAC Gallery Curator/Artist Liaison?

My favorite part of being part of MAC is connecting with our inspiring artists, MAC teachers, community members, collectors, visitors, and of course, our Mono County kids. I love how art and the act of creating, touches people of all ages when they come into the gallery and look at the work on the walls or try to paint in the style of one of our artists at our Open Arts Studio. Our MAC teaching artists share the art of dance, music, theater and visual arts with kids that don’t always have access to the arts and that is the best!

5. Why do you think the arts are so important right now? Art makes people happy. It can also help people express their sorrow and fears. Art speaks to our human need to create and to have a distinct voice. Art provides a way to express ourselves in a unique way and it is part of every creative process and problem solving endeavor. It is essential for our development as well-rounded people and gives our kids a way to express themselves and communicate in an ever-changing world.


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