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Student Spotlight: Liliana Whitmore, Summer Camp Student

  1. Why do you love the arts? I love the arts because people can watch you do what you love, what you are good at. It’s fun to do something you enjoy.

2. What is a favorite piece of art you have created or a favorite time in performing arts? I think my favorite times in performing arts have been: my first recital, dance solo, and acting in plays.

3. What would you say to a friend to get them interested in the arts? It's fun, and not hard. Sometimes it can be challenging, but if you do it a lot you can get better.

4. Why are the arts so important right now? We are going through hard times and it makes me feel comfortable, happy, and like I belong. They are important to me because I have been doing art my whole life and I won’t give up on it.


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